Family Celebration Center
3220 Keswick Dam Road, Redding, CA 96003
Call us: 530-245-0821
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Pastoral Leadership
Senior Pastor 
Tom and Shirley Winslow 
   Senior Pastor Tom Winslow moved from Chico to Redding in 2005 to accept the pastorate of Family Celebration Center, formerly known as simply Redding Pentecostal Church of God. This being his first church he has allowed God to direct and teach him in the everyday management of the church. 
   Pastor Winslow is a true man of God and puts God first in every part of his life.  What he may have lacked in experience in 2005, he made up in boldness and determination and it has served both him and the church well.  One of his favorite sayings is "God will not be mocked" and that is how he runs his church.  
   Pastor Winslow has two heroes.....the first being Jesus and the second being Peter Pan.  Be around him long enough and you will find he strives to be just like both of them.  
   He is very serious about living for God in a God-like attitude, but he is fun loving and insists that "we can all go to heaven having fun."
   Family Celebration Center and Pastor Winslow carry the five-fold ministry and God works through all of them through our pastor.