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Shirley Winslow

Do I Look Like a Pastor's Wife to You? 

I started writing a "book" some years ago and IF I ever finish it, that will be the title.  

I never had great expectations of being a pastor's wife, but this is where God has brought me and His Word tells me that He equips us for the job.     Throughout my life I have always asked, "Why is this happening to me?".

Now that I realize where God was taking me I can understand why I had to experience certain things.  I can more fully understand the talents and strengths that He has graced me with. I can more fully appreciate the people He has placed into my life and love their diversity.  

I cringed when I was told I would need to submit photos for this page because I am not a fan of pictures of me.  For some reason pictures of me just don't look like me.  I refuse to believe that that old, fat woman in the picture is actually me.....but, with that disclaimer made, I've agreed to take a deep breath and accept my reality....warts and all.   

God has given me a passion for a variety of things.  He has gifted me with a creative mind and an artistic ability.  I love to decorate, garden, write, quilt, sew, craft, and just about anything else that falls within that category.  

I grew up with a dream of making a living as a graphic artist and that itch is scratched through my bulletins, flyers, and publications for the church.  I love to decorate and that is realized through the various functions like our Valentine's Banquet, Christmas Banquet, and other special occasions.  I feel at home and love the garden so God gave us a garden here at the church which fulfills that need probably more than I sometimes like.  The garden is where I truly meet God whether I am weeding, praying, reading, or just simply taking it all in.....that is a piece of peace that He has granted me.   

"Church dog" or as the UPS man calls her, "Church Rat" 

Christmas Banquet at Dukes Steakhouse 2011 

Valentine Banquet 2012