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 Praying Together


Supplication, Hymn, Intercession, and Praise. 


FCC has a new approach to prayer night. Aboard S.H.I.P. we give praises unto the Lord, for he already knows our needs. We share a meal, share prayer request and intercede, and then we study the Word.


SHIP has become the most important service of the week for FCC and it has been exciting to watch it grow.   


Get into the S.H.I.P. Wednesday at 6:00 pm for family, fellowship, praises, and prayer.​

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Pirate’s Code of Conduct.

No fighting on board ship.


No gambling with cards and dice on board ship.


No women on board ship.


All weapons and pirates to be ready for battle at all time.


Every pirate gets equal amounts of food and drink.


Every pirate gets equal amounts of all loot captured, except for the Captain and the Quartermaster who get twice as much, or any pirate who loses an arm or leg in a fight, he gets an extra half.


Every pirate gets to vote on where the ship goes and what the crew does.


Every pirate does what the Captain or Quartermaster says.


Aha, this be the Code of Conduct for The Pirate Ship, it may be different on another ship, me Hearty.

 Oh, yes, it is different on the FCC SHIP! Similar, but different.

  Get on the SHIP Wednesday nights at 6pm. 

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Do You Have a Prayer Request?

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