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Garden Project

We invite you to follow our growth........

We started years ago. . .

When Pastor Winslow came to Redding in 2005 the back of the property was covered with manzanita, poison oak, digger pines, and shrub oaks.  There was a drop-off into an area that was not conducive to use or growth.  


At the back of the parking lot there was a permanent mud puddle from either rain or hosing off the pavement.  This was an area that became a priority and we started collecting rocks from the all over the property to built a dry creek bed that would serve as a drain for the standing water.  


 The Garden grew around that focal point. 

Early on, as Pastor Winslow sought God's guidance and direction, he made a practice of walking around the property.  It was during those walks that God showed him His Vision for the church.


 "Take out the darkness and the light will enter". The first 'darkness' to be eliminated was the manzanita to open up the property. He impressed him that the digger pines, although tall have a shallow root system and "will fall in a storm".  

So out came the digger pines. And then it was time to start bringing in dirt to make a level functional foundation. 

2007 5.jpg

The Garden, originally referred to as the Park, began to take shape and in 2008 we were honored to have Bro Dana Poe officiate at it's dedication. In that ceremony he commented, "I've been to a lot of churches all over the country, but I've never seen a church with a park."  

Well...he has now!

The Garden is far from finished but has already begun to serve a multitude of purposes.  It functions as a center for fellowship and as an opportunity for our members to learn the skill of "tending God's Garden".... work. 

Pastor Winslow, his staff and the members of FCC have come to expect God's presence in the Garden.  There is an unmistakable feeling of peace and it is not uncommon to see people walking through or sitting in the garden praying, meditating, or just simply taking it all in during times of decision or trial.  Many utilize the Garden for their "Prayer Closet" and God meets them there.  

It was realized that God's spirit of peace is there the morning that Pastor and Sis Winslow were sitting in the Garden talking and two doves walked down the pathway within 5 feet of them.  It seemed as though God had sent down His peace in the form of a pair of doves.  

This is the first of many "God's Perspective" shots. It seems that the roof of the church is the best location to get an over-all feel for what is happening below.  

Pastor Winslow explains the importance of the garden not only to God but for His church:


"It was in the garden where man's choice to not obey God's Word caused God to remove Adam and Eve not only from the garden but from the opportunity to walk and talk with Him one on one.  It was in the Garden of Gethsemane that the opportunity was once again given to man for that same relationship. When Jesus wept tears of blood and it fell in the earth the price was given for that relationship.  Upon the Cross, when it was finished, the veil was ripped and man again had the choice of that relationship. ​ Our church at FCC was started by God as it was in the Garden of Eden.  Sin entered in and what was once a growing church was cut off. Our garden represents renewal of opportunity for those who come to walk and talk with God once again.  He has established the opportunity not only for us but all those that will chose to walk with Him and the peace He demonstrated in the Garden of Eden."

You are welcome to visit the garden!

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